International Training

As a human, I carry a profound regard for the growth-potential of each human I meet. That is the mindset that carries throughout any presentation or lecture offered at your site.

With 7 years of NFB experience and 30+ years of work with those with disabilities, I will share not only the technical aspects of using NFB equipment, but also offer training in the neurological aspects of the 10/20 system, the power of coaxing the brain to create new path ways, and techniques that allow clients to recover from neurological injury and differences quickly.

Eager to share the science and the art of Neurofeedback (NFB), I offer myself to Latin American countries during winter months (January, February and March).  A lecture takes about 2 hours.  My preference is to commit to 14 days to your site and offer weeklong “healing vacations” to clients who will be seen daily for maximum benefit of NFB training.  To learn the basics of using NFB equipment requires 2 full days of training with a group no larger than 10 people. Equipment purchases can be negotiated before the trip, and payment of 50% of presentation fees must be received 60 days prior to the trip.  Email me for details.

In March 2017 I was invited to speak on Neurofeedback in Cusco, Peru about the value of adding this incredible technology of NFB to the practice of therapy and counseling at two venues; The college of Psychology and Home Medic, Corp. This is work that fills me with passion and excitement.  Talk therapy alone can only assist a willing brain so much.  Adding NFB to your practice will assist your clients in retraining their brain, accessing the magic of neuroplasticity to your healing path with clients.


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