“Football isn’t NASCAR. It’s demolition derby. The collisions aren’t accidents. Head trauma is baked into the game, estimates are that the average high school football player absorbs 1,000 blows to the head per season.”“For the last fifty years parents, doctors and coaches have searched for answers to concussions by sending their kids to the emergency hospital rooms and sadly have taken that for granted. “This is not the answer Willis’ says”. ”QEEG Brain Mapping is the most sensitive neuro-imaging tool for the assessment of post-concussion syndrome “The results are stunning”

The parents need realistic information about their child’s cognitive defects and preserved abilities to avoid false optimism leading to frustrating and exhaustive educational plans. Unfortunately, head injuries are very common with children, accounting for approximately one hundred thousand hospitalizations annually.

But Willis has also found a renewed sense of purpose, embarking on a career as Founder, President & CEO of HPN Neurologic and HPN Concussion Management, a motivational speaker, as well as treating and working with retired NFL players showing the symptoms of Post-Concussion Syndrome, TBI/CTE through his NFL Retired Players Clinical Trials around the country, he has raised awareness of traumatic brain injury (TBI) in general.

Fred Willis NFL RUnning Back

Fred Wills

Former NFL Player & Founder & President & CEO HPN Neurologic
“Proud brain donor VA-BU-SLI Brain Bank, hoping to make a difference in the scientific understanding of CTE”

T: (978) 510-1245

Second Impact Syndrome

What is Second Impact Syndrome (SIS) & why you should know about it.

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