After four years of work in the busy office of Boston Neurofeedback Center, I brought this practice “home” to Kittery, Maine.  My office offers counseling, biofeedback and neurofeedback services in a rural setting with walking paths and a labyrinth.  The equipment I use is state of the art including pRoshi, HPN neurofeedback, brainmaster for q-EEG amplitude training, Mitsar for qEEG assessments or brain mapping, Infrared therapy, and the Wild Divine for biofeedback training.  Each client is unique and it gives me great pleasure to serve families and individuals who want to achieve a more optimum state of Being. I enjoy working with a team of professionals on the seacoast who include chiropractors, Neurological optometrists, therapists, neurologists, and doctors of many specialities.

My training and professional background includes:

  • M.Ed in Counseling and Education, BS in Speech Pathology and Audiology with a neurological emphasis including training with autism, psychosis, stroke and TBI.
  • International licensure  in Neurofeedback,  certified by
  • 4 years work experience with Neurofeedback in Woburn, Ma serving 20+ clients per day. Opened Brain Training of New England in 2015.
  • Didactic training in Neurofeedback with John Demos of Vermont
  • q-EEG training with John Anderson of Minnesota and the Mayo Clinic, as well as Doug Dailey from Northern California, creator of TAG SYNC training
  • 30 years experience working with adults and children with disabilities
  • 14 years  professor at UNH Durham in disability programming
  • 10 years of work for the states of Maine and NH as a case manager with Early Intervention, serving those families whose children were diagnosed 0-3 with disabilitites
  • Fluent in English, and American Sign Language, Conversant in Spanish
  • Completed 20 service trips to Belize and Nicaragua servicing the super poor, and children/teens with Deafness and Blindness
  • Co-leader of the largest giving circle in the world called Dining for Women.
  • I like people and believe in your wellness and mine.

Neurofeedback (NFB), also called neurotherapy or neurobiofeedback, is a type of biofeedback that uses real-time displays of brain activity—most commonly electroencephalography (EEG), to teach self-regulation of brain function. Typically, sensors are placed on the scalp to measure activity, with measurements displayed using video displays or sound.

Neurofeedback is approved by the American Society of Pediatrics with their highest rating: Level 1 evidenced based treatment for ADHD. Neurofeedback has held this status since 2012.  Research shows Neurofeedback may be a useful intervention in a wide range of conditions including pain, anxiety, depression, autism spectrum disorders, headaches, and brain-related trauma.

You will enjoy learning about your brain, see your activity live on a large monitor, and enjoy a comfortable rural setting including a swing or a walk in a beautiful place.

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